Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sponsors Needed!

You've heard me harp on about baseball and how I'm just about to enter a new season in Division 6

But what I haven't mentioned is the urgent need for sponsors.

Local clubs survive on massive generosity of local sponsors, this helps keep fee's down for players which inturn helps the sport survive and encourage juniors to join without having to pay too much.

The club I joined, East Torrens Baseball Club, is a great club with volunteers that work super hard to make this club work. One of the wives Barb, volunteers most of her weekends to run the canteen - even when none of her family are playing at the time or ground...

 I would love a sponsor to make proud at the end of this season however would be very happy if I could just entice some sponsors to the club to help us out, more money though the club enables us to upgrade facilities, buy better equipment (rather than using broken batting helmets haha), encourage more juniors through the door etc.

Ok I only play in Division 6 but its still a very competitive division regardless how you look at it... We all want one thing, a premiership!

There are different levels of sponsorship that are available, Player Sponsorship, Team Sponsorship or overall club sponsorship.

So, if your apart of a business and think you can be involved with my club via sponsorship please contact me. If you do sponsor the myself or the club from this article, you won't just get great featuring through the club and via our website but I will dedicate a blog article too!

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  1. Ok as of 25/09 I'm officially staying in Division 5, looking forward to a great year!