Sunday, September 16, 2012

Local Baseball - Season 2012/2013

For most that know, i play baseball in the summer for my club East Torrens Redsox.

Yes i know, I'm a staunt Seattle Mariner and I play for a Redsox team... funny how things can pan out however around South Australia there aren't any Mariner teams...

Me receiving some chin music against Gawler
Last season our team struggled playing Division 5, mostly because we were severly depleted from the previous season but also we were relying on rookies to fill the side. For most of the year we had atleast 4 rookies playing...

2 of the rookies struggled to go from a cricket background and transition into baseball and unfortunately they are part of the list not returning next year. The other 2 transitioned quite nicely, one finished about 6th in our batting whilst the other one, only played about 4 or 5 games in the end but is a handy defensive player to have.

One of the main issues we had last year was pitching, not taking anything off the effort of our pitchers but we missed the presence of a starting pitcher. All efforts to secure one was lost when we saw two solid pitchers (who could both be pitching in Division 3 above us) move to Division 6 & 7 below us..

My boy catching last year
But, you can't win baseball games alone just with pitching, our bats weren't producing when needed and we ended up losing alot of close games.

In the end we finished only with 3 wins and lost the last game to the last placed team who due to the win jumped above us and we finished with the wooden spoon.

So, 2012/2013 season is upon us. To start with, of the list last year we only have 5 and a half players continuing (Half player as he'll only be able to play part time). We've also arranged to move down a grade to Division 6 to try and be a bit more competitive rather than enduring more losing streaks..

The season should be interesting, Our last year Division 6 team went undefeated and took the Premiership, they're moving up to Division 5 and I believe they'll take up where last season finished, not much should change for them and they should continue on their merry winning ways.

A number of players have either moved down from higher grades or re-joined after several years off. So for our team with only 5 and a half players we should be right to pick up 4 or so players and cement ourselves as a threat in the competition.

Me coaching from 1st base, my boys on base.
Still would like one more pitcher just to get where we need to be, sitting in the finals is the aim and I really think we can do it this year, new division, new players and a big thirst.

Last season i had a better year batting than the previous, in 2010/2011 I hit around 0.180 which is the worst in my career. My first ever season i was hitting above 0.500, last year i was back to hitting well and ended up with 0.375 and taking the batting trophy for 2011/2012.

So for me, the heartache of finishing last was softened a little with taking my first ever batting trophy, came 3rd in the Best & Fairest and i reckon played pretty well in my move to 3rd base.

I think i'm fitter this season, have identified where my hitting needs work on and am looking very forward to this season.

We have Scoop returning more likely to the mound again however would be good to have him off 1st base and taking over as pitch relief rathing than having to rely on him starting each week.

Foul ball against Glenelg
Gus is coming off a stellar season taking out the Best & Fairest in 2010/2011 (watch your back Gus...), Gus will more likely move into the catchers role but can rest him a bit more this year at probably Short Stop or 2nd Base as Tom s returning and loves to get behind the plate.

Jarrad will more likely slot back into his Centre Field role, moving into his 2nd season it will be interesting to see how he progresses, just need to work on his fitness hahaha

Todd only played a handful of games last year so this season we'll get him some more gametime and develop as best we can, has good defensive skills so will be handy to use around the ground.
Me batting against Gawler

Myself, well, i hope to stay at 3rd base after moving there from Right Field last year. Can be a bit daunting especially when the ball is travelling super quick at your head, but, i really enjoyed the challenge there and felt i owned the position quite well.

So, pre-season has started, well sort of, being in Div 6 we don't tend to train much, but, season is less than 4 weeks away.

I will try and give updates throughout the season if not weekly then maybe on a fortnightly basis... Hopefully it will be entertaining as we track how our team rises from bottom place last season to where we go this year..

I've added some photos of myself playing but also of my boy who also plays Little League at our club, i was lucky enough to coach him last year also.

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