Tuesday, September 4, 2012

AFL Free Agent - Who Should the Tigers Target

Ok I'm going to look at the current list of Free Agents the AFL has to offer, there are two types - Restricted and Unrestricted.

From what i understand Restricted means; you have played more than 8 seasons at the one club and in top 10 highest paid players at the club.
Unrestricted: the player has played 8 or more seasons at the one club, isn't one of the top 10 highest paid and is out of contract for the first time. or the player has played more than 10 seasons with the one club and has already been out of contract once and is now out of contract again...

Alot to understand, basically to me the difference is, Restricted- current club has right of response. Whereas an Unrestricted Free Agent has the power to determine if they seek better from their current club if they've received an offer from a rival club.

So, I sit here Round 1 of the finals, my beloved Tigers have just missed out again, i wonder if there is anything in the pool below that could help us next season?

I've borrowed a list from www.afl.com.au and will add my thoughts below, feel free to view and leave a comment!

Apologies now for formatting.. made this on old internet explorer which has struggled with adding stuff today!

Adelaide Crows

Chris Knights (Unrestricted)

Rumored to be already on his way to Tigerland, this rumor has been rife in Adelaide the last few months, Crows seem happy to let him move on considering not getting a good go in Adelaide. Another Crow to make a big impact at Richmond? ala Ivan Maric?
Would i take him? Yes, all reports are the kid has talent, just not getting a go...

Brisbane Lions


Simon Black (Unrestricted)

Sadly Simon's days are almost over in the AFL, has been one of the best servants at Brisbane for past decade. 1 or 2 years at most would be left in him, thats if he hasn't already thought about retiring..
Would I take him, absolutely with my heart, not with my head - 1 year fix is not what we need...

Josh Drummond (Restricted)

At 29 Josh has still got the goods to make the regular team up in Brisbane, great left foot and quick rebounding defender.
Would I take him, No, Tigers aren't in the need for another half backman when we have the likes of Delidio, Houli, Newman, Ellis all capable of rebounding into our forward line.

Ash McGrath (Unrestricted)

Ash is passed his use by date in my opinion, was once a feared backman and one i hated the Tigers coming up against. Had he be a free agent many many years ago i would have said yes straight away.
Would I take him... No. as i said, passed his date and prob will retire soon.


Heath Scotland (Restricted)

I wish this option came up a few years ago, great on the ball player, gets alot of it and in my opinion has a great football brain. Doubt he'll be leaving Carlton anytime soon and at 32 I'd expect him not to gather too much interest from other clubs.
Would I take him.. No, at 32 only has a year or so to go, Tigers would prefer to put time into Foley, Martin, Grigg, Cotchin, Delidio, Conca etc..

Jordan Russell (Unrestricted)

Previously linked to Port Adelaide and has wanted a passage back to SA, has a history of injury, has played well back or forward.
Would I take him.. No, although he could be a good punt for a half forward option i don't think the Tigers should take the risk on him, injury and a desire to return home could be a factor should he sign with us..

Bret Thornton (Unrestricted)

28 and can play forward or back, has been apart of the team for some time and cemented his spot in defence.
Would I take him... Yes, could be a great player to add as a CHB or another forward option, however i wouldn't offer the moon for him. Would want cheap as i'm not 100% convinced he's the smartest footballer...


Travis Cloke (Restricted)

Biggest name of the free agency so far, has been rumored to both Carlton, Richmond, Gold Coast etc.
Would I take him... Yes, but not on $1m per season, I would prefer the club to buy 2 players at $500k a year than one player...

Ben Johnson (Unrestricted)

A fan favourite at Collingwood and I doub't he'll leave until shown the door. Great player off the Half Back and any club would love his services.
Would I take him... Absolutely, great player and any club would profit from his acquisition.

Harry O'Brien (Restricted)

Another fan favourite, Big Harry has become a legend at the Pies and a key defender in their best 22.

Would I take him... Of course, he is an awesome player and well worth a shot at, could be a great buy if a struggling defensive team needed to bolster their lineup, just not sure if Tigers need that part of the basket...


Ricky Dyson (Unrestricted)

About to turn 27 and is still a much looked at player at Essendon.
Would I take him... No, Tigers have enough midfielders to warrant going after a player like Ricky.

Dustin Fletcher (Unrestricted)

One of the much loved giants of the game, whether your a bombers supporter or not. I've watched him his whole career and his whole career i've wanted him at Richmond...
Would i take him... Yes, but thats not my head talking, thats pure heart - he is a legend of the game, no one can deny that, even one year at Tigerland would be awesome. Would be a great mentor too to young Alex Rance!

David Hille (Unrestricted)

Ruckman who can also be used up forward and kick a few goals, has kicked over 20 goals in 8 out of last 10 seasons..
Would i take him... Yes&No... If we could get him at the right price he would be an awesome addition to go 2nd tier to Ivan Maric, if not also provide another forward option...

Nathan Lovett-Murray (Unrestricted)

Loose cannon both on and off the field, has talent but has wasted it with silly indescretions..
Would I take him... Absolutely Not, Our club has a history of rehabiliating troubled players but Nathan would benefit getting out of Victoria, not to another Vic team..

Angus Monfries (Restricted)

Young key forward with alot to offer a team that can supply their forwards.
Would i take him... Yes, could be a great player to add to our forward line, either off the pocket or half forward. Would compliment Jack & Ty as well as help Nahas, King & Edwards.

Henry Slattery (Unrestricted)

Has spent alot of time down back and often used as a defensive midfielder however history of injuries.
Would I take him... No, as mentioned before, Tigers have a plethora of midfielders and defensive midfielders.


Luke McPharlin (Unrestricted)

Defender previously with Hawthorn before being traded
Would i take him... No, Tigers have enough young defenders to waste bringing in a 2nd tier defender, if we are to bring in a defender it would need to be a big name.

Geelong Cats

Shannon Byrnes (Unrestricted)

Gun little midfielder who can be used up forward, has had alot of injury concerns though...
Would i take him... Yes, only cheaply though, injuries are a concern but if fit and healthy could be handy off the half forward.

Paul Chapman (Unrestricted)

One of Geelongs key forwards who can also play midfield and dominate.
Would I take him... No, Like Scarlett, i feel his seasons are numbered as he is about to turn 31, prob 2 years left in him.

Corey Enright (Unrestricted)

One of Geelongs premium midfielders and continues to serve them since the departure of Ablett.
Would I take him... Absolutely, But he won't be leaving Geelong anytime soon, i expect he will finish his days with the club he started with.

Josh Hunt (Unrestricted)

Great player who has played well over his career with the Cats, but has had alot of injuries over his career.
Would i take him... No, expecting to retire in the next year or so, not what the Tigers need in the youth phase. However, does fit the Dimma hard nut mould....

Matthew Scarlett (Unrestricted)

Been their greatest Full Back for the past decade, played against and beaten some of the best Full Forwards in the game.
Would i take him... No, Matt is expected to announce retirement soon, if he didn't, i would say his days would be at geelong and not another club.

David Wojcinski (Unrestricted)

Great defender for Geelong and has been there through their dominant years.
Would i take him, No... About to turn 32 and is nearing the end of career, best he end it at his club then other places..


Chance Bateman (Unrestricted)

Handy forward who can also be used in the midfield.
Would i take him... No, What i've seen over the last few years i don't think he gets enough of the ball to warrant an offer for him

Thomas Murphy (Unrestricted)

A player i must admit i haven't heard or seen alot of, reports suggest he is a good defender and can be used as a ruckman if required.
Would i take him... No, If he's not on my radar now, he aint gonna be..

Michael Osborne (Unrestricted)

Great midfielder who can change the face of a game, uses ball well.
Would i take him... No, at 30 the Tigers would be foolish to add a mature aged midfielder, we need youth with pace in there...

Clinton Young (Unrestricted)

Rated as the best left foot kick on the run and was pivotal in the Hawks recent premiership. Handy acquisition for any club needing a Wing or Forward.
Would i take him... Yes, I love lefties, build a side of them i say, just not FF, best Full Forwards usually are right footed hahaha. But, whack him on our half forward or even on the wing and laughing.


Matthew Bate (Unrestricted)

Forward line player who can be used in midfield also, has had some success in front of goal.
Would i take him... No, Only averages approx 12 goals a year, for a forward thats not enough.

Lynden Dunn (Unrestricted)

All rounder, can play back, mid or forward
Would i take him... Yes, At the right price (Dirt cheap), i'm alone on this but i think Tigers could be a good fit for him. See alot of potential.

Brent Moloney (Restricted)

Midfielder with alot of talent but hurt in previous years by injury.
Would i take him... No, Just don't think he'd be the right fit at Tigerland.

Jared Rivers (Unrestricted)

Key Defender who gets alot of the ball
Would i take him...Yes, like Lynden i see alot of upside to him, could be handy in a back pocket however then again, could he win a spot against the likes of Rance, Grimes, Houli, Newman, Dea, etc.

North Melbourne

Michael Firrito (Unrestricted)

Key defender for the Roo's, would be a great addition to any team.
Would i take him...Yes, this is one I would put my hand up for, good defender who could slot into CHB or FB and push Rancey to CHB.

Port Adelaide

Troy Chaplin (Restricted)

One of Ports key defenders looking for a go somewhere else, rumor has it he's on his way to Richmond unless Port can woo him until then..
Would i take him... Yes & No, Yes he is a good defender but i just don't think he is that good foot skill wise or see him as the one to move into our backline. Would rather put time and money into young Dylan Grimes and keep backing Alex Rance...

Brett Ebert (Unrestricted)

Small forward
Would i take him, Absolutely No! Ok i'm biaised on this one, i don't rate him at all, to me, the last name keeps him playing.

Danyle Pearce (Restricted)

Midfielder/Forward option, started with a burst in first couple of seasons then suffered almost career ending form slump... Has played well latter half of 2012 season.
Would i take him... Yes, recent form has shown he can still play, might be handy up on the half forward, could also be used in midfield to provide more rotation.

Steven Salopek (Unrestricted)

Midfielder who has seen limited time over last few seasons.
Would i take him... No, If he can't get a full time gig in Ports midfield then theres something wrong there. Might suit a GWS or GC move.

Jacob Surjan (Unrestricted)

Smaller defender coming originally from WA
Would i take him... No, As mentioned, all should be pushed on current defenders.


Luke McGuane (Restricted)

Spent alot of his career down back however lately has rejuvenated his career up forward as another marking option.
Would i keep him... Yes, I think lets give him another year to prove the recent good form isn't just a flash in the pan

Shane Tuck (Unrestricted)

Fan favourite, has worked his backside off to get a gig in the Tiger midfield. Recently received 1 year contract from Tigers.
Would i keep him... Yes and for gods sake give him a contract extension for 2 more years. He is by far the best ball getter in the team for hard ball gets.

St Kilda

Jason Blake (Unrestricted)

Utility player who recently played his 200th game.
Would i take him... No, nearing the end of his career and seems to be out of flavour with the Saints.

Raphael Clarke (Unrestricted)

Strong defender who can rebound the ball well.
Would i take him... No, started with promise but has since lost form over last year or so. Would rather invest in Grimes & Rance.

Brendon Goddard (Restricted)

Midfielder who can also rebound well off half back, very talented player.
Would i take him... Absolutely! What club or supporter wouldn't throw money at this one!

Jason Gram (Restricted)

Defender and Midfielder who is a much required player at St Kilda.
Would i take him... Absolutely, however i wouldn't pay the earth for him, if good price he would be worth a punt.

Justin Koschitzke (Unrestricted)

Forward who is handy also as a 2nd ruckman, hit hard with injuries over last 3 years.
Would i take him... No, His days are almost over and don't feel he has half the impact he used to.

Sydney Swans

Jude Bolton (Unrestricted)

Has had a stellar career at the Swans and is one of their preferred midfielders.
Would i take him... No, for the fact that i don't think he'll leave Sydney, he's one of the fan favourites and i expect him to see out his days in NSW...

Jarred Moore (Unrestricted)

Midfielder turned forward who can kick some goals.
Would i take him... No, Not the option we need in tigerland.

West Coast Eagles

Andrew Embley (Unrestricted)

Loomed to be one of the key goal kickers at the Eagles until a few injuries kept him down.
Would i take him... No, Injury concerns and has turned 31, doubt many more years so would pass this one.

Daniel Kerr (Unrestricted)

Talented midfielder on the verge of retirement, injuries of late have hurt him and to be honest i can't remember the last game i saw him play...
Would i take him... No, Sadly his career almost looks over and i can't see what value signing him would do for Tigers.

Quinten Lynch (Unrestricted)

Key forward for the Eagles and has alot of success up there of late, 200 game player also for them, can't see him moving.
Would i take him... Yes, but like i said, can't see him moving, would be another tall forward option.

Mark Nicoski (Unrestricted)

Key forward coming off a pretty bad hamstring tear, what was thought to be quick to come back was soon ruled out for all of this season.
Would i take him... No, Don't think i'd like to put my money on an injury as bad as his was, may still miss parts of next year...

Western Bulldogs

Will Minson (Unrestricted)

Ruckman for the Bulldogs and does a handy role at it too, can move up forward and snare a goal or two.

Would i take him... Hmm, Maybe... Not sure on this one, loose cannon who likes to cause trouble... But could he be a 2nd string ruckman to Ivan?



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