Monday, February 11, 2013

Round 15/16 - ETPBC Div 5

Hi All,

Firstly apologies for the delay in writing articles for the last two games, reason for delay... well I'm still that shocked and angry at the result.

Round 15 saw our Red Sox take on Golden Grove at home, GG has lost alot of games this year to teams we have accounted for well - yet GG always seem to have the wood on us and this game was no exception.

The game was full of suprises, whilst I won't go fully into the inning by inning I'll touch on some highlights.

Sadly for us alot of them were not good ones, Cummo had the first bad luck in inning 1 with a ball heading through him, Gussy sadly had the same late in the game which let a couple through and I also managed to bobble one late in the game also...

We didn't take advantage of our opportunities which was our downfall in the end, we had a chance to steal the game in the last inning with myself sitting at 3rd as the tying run but sadly the fairytale finish wasn't to happen with DR grounding out to finish the game.

That one was gut wrenching, a game we needed to win, not only for finals but for ourselves, GG has the wood on us for many years, its time we show them they aint as good...

Myself, well, My hitting is something i'm really pleased with over the last 5 games, according to my stats (hoping this is what the scorers agree with...) I'm 9 hits from the last 17 at bats including the big bomb out at Gawler. Included in that stat was my 2 from 4 with my first knock bringing in a couple of runs.

Fielding is my big worry at the moment, i've had 10 errors this year according to the scorers, thats 10 too many, yes very hard position but something I need to work on. Sadly for me its also a confidence thing, I lost a heap of confidence weeks ago and I'm slowly clawing it back.

So in a heartbreaker the Sox went down 8 - 9...

Round 16 we were on a road trip to Glenelg, everyone who know's me will know I love my Tigers, just not these ones.

In the past few years the games at Glenelg have never been pleasant, the strike zone has always been miniscule and we always tend to hear "New Rules" that come into play...

Theres two good things about playing at Glenelg, One - Its the birthplace of my first ever Home Run, Second - I love the fact the biggest jumbo jet to depart from Adelaide Airport will fly directly, and very low, above your head...

Yep its a superbly scenic ball park.

So, Glenelg of late have been hot, they've moved to first spot on the ladder and look to have added a few players since we last played them. Last time the result was 2-1 in our favour.

Red Sox came out hitting in the first few innings, we also had alot on base over the course of the game courtesy of the pitcher who wasn't hitting the zone.

We ran out to an early 4-1 lead however that was turned around but some good hitting by Glenelg but also some very good base running helped them level the scores and then never look back as they ran out to a 9-4 lead late in the game.

We pushed for contention right throughout that game, Robbo pitched well but was hindered by not being able to find a consistent and nice strike zone, it was small and very inconsistent. Fielding wise I think we weren't too bad but they were just hitting the gaps well.

Our bats were good early but then all of a sudden with runners on base we were skying balls instead of hittting the ground and into the gaps..

7th inning came and went just like that, we managed to go down without making a whimper, ready for the time and game call another swifty came from nowhere and caught us completely offguard..

Glenelg was getting ready to bat......

All year, each time the home side is winning in last inning and the away side has bombed out without getting infront - its been "Time & Game". Not at Glenelg.

**Removed comments here incase of further issues** Those there know my frustration on this issue.
To say we were all annoyed is an understatement, we risked injuring our pitchers arm and the simple fact, we could not win...

Ah well, thats how they play it so be it, we play it differently. Here's hoping we see them again come finals and we repay the favour...

Ok so last few games we are at home against Goodwood and Southern Districts, we just need the one more win and we're home and hosed sewing up 4th position and securing that Finals Birth i've so longed for...

So get down to Payneham oval and cheer us on as the mighty Red Sox push for finals!

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