Friday, August 10, 2012

Telstra T-Box

No this isn't a senseless advertising plug but if Telstra want to throw stuff my way well woohoo

Thought i'd let u know my experience so far with the T-Box

I previously had Foxtel so I could watch my beloved Richmond FC but we loved watching channels like Fox 8, TV1, Lifestyle etc.

But at $90 a month really just so I could watch footy live each week it was time we looked at other options...

I can't just go the games as I live in Adelaide, hard being a supporter of an interstate team sometimes..

While walking past one of the Telstra stores I noticed T-Box advertised again and finally thought I'd check it out, service was good and I soon learned that u can get Foxtel cheaper through your T-Box! Most of the channels from foxtels usual service are on there only just missing a few but u barely notice.

Couple of downsides though but these are easily overlooked...

1) the foxtel through the T-box is run over your Internet broadband connection, so the quality isn't as good sometimes especially with some sports...

2) if your Internet is down tough luck no foxtel will come through until
It's back up... Which can be frustrating especially in the 4th quarter and Tigers just infront...

But in all honesty, the two above I barely notice anymore, the quality u can put up with as I'm still getting it for half the cost of normal foxtel! Connection issues are really rare and I put it down for me as having an old modem which is due for upgrade...

So from me, an Adelaide based Richmond supporter who loves watching every game and the occasional reality or tv show it's a massive thumbs up from me..

Yeah it has it's minor negatives but at half the cost of normal foxtel and I can run it just like foxtel IQand did I mention it has a massive hard drive for recording stuff!!

Check it out and compare, you won't be disappointed.

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