Sunday, January 20, 2013

Round 13 - ETPBC Div 5

Hi All,

In happier sorts than last week, nowthat the Seahawks are out of the playoffs I can focus solely on what the Mariners are doing and exactly which player they are going to trade for, rumor has it we are going big for Giancarlo Stanton.

Michael Bourne's name is still out there which could be a handy inclusion to take the pressure off Dustin Ackley, although I wouldn't mind betting now John Jaso was moved on for Michael Morse that the Mariners look for a veteran catcher to fill the shoes, a hitter no less.

Anyhow, we're here to discuss Divvy 5's game against lower ladder Flinders. Last game we played them they were severely depleted from previous seasons and this was no exception. Fielding the bare 9 they had to give up one of their players to use as umpire, rules are home side must provide an umpire.

Game got off to a flyer and our boys were getting the hits and a couple of runs on the board, i went down swinging in the first at bat after the umpire called second strike on me which I thought was way outside the zone, this caught me off guard so I swung at the third strike regardless... not a good idea...

Probably should have been a 7-0 inning as the pitcher wasn't throwing much, our bats seem to guide it straight to the fielders for easy outs...

Next few innings it remained within reach for Flinders but I don't think we were any real chance of losing control of the game, our hitting just wasn't working and we weren't making the most of at bats especially with 2 out..

Matt opened up the Home Run column with a big blast to left field in the 3rd inning, this proved to be the turning point with Ralphy putting one out in the same spot while 2 runners were on, then the pitcher awoke the sleeping giant when Fish returned the favour and put one out of centre field, also with 2 runners on.

By then the game was all but over and we ran out clear victors 19-4. Good to see a one J Laws starting to connect with the ball alot better, hit two safely into the outfield.

A look at my own game, hitting I was happy, although the strike out was poor I got good contact on my second at bat which was caught deep in right and my 3rd at bat produced a nice contact single out to centre so all up I was happy with the contact and to come away with a hit.

Fielding, was another story, for some reason I have lost a hell of a lot of confidence sence midway through season, I'm not doubting myself and doubting everyones thoughts on me playing that role. I need to regain my confidence soon or I will sit most of the rest of the season, including finals if we make it, on the pine as I don't feel the coaches have the confidence in me to play 3rd at the moment.

I am determined to regain the confidence, after all it is my position at 3rd - two errors cost me last weekend, I need to make sure I don't do any out at Gawler this weekend or I may as well bring a cushion and get comfortable on the pine...

Ok so with that out the way training this week to iron out some issues with my footwork while batting and will look to get extra fielding to help get the confidence back.

We're away to Gawler this weekend, 12.30 game which is good as I'm expected at Lady Bay ASAP after the game so lets get in, get the kill and head home early!

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