Monday, February 11, 2013

Top Eleven - Youth or Veteran

Ok here's a question i'm debating with myself at the moment...

Is Age an issue in this game? Should we target youth with high skills or an established veteran to fill the voids?

In my main team which I am currently Level 4 Manager, the majority of my team are young and highly skilled. Early on I targeted youth as they was the perceived belief that youth are often more skilled and faster.

I started a second team on my iphone to do things slightly different, end goal to win but I wanted to try different things.

Yesterday while I watched hundreds dive with their thousands of tokens on the youngest with high skill I decided to target some players who are aged 33 or 34 and in their last few years.

Looking at their attributes they possessed the qualities and skill levels I needed, its only my 2nd season on my iphone team (Tigerland II) so really, I have minimal cash and hardly any tokens...

Whilst on the forum yesterday we were discussing our trial competition July Fourth came up with, The Universal Player, idea is we all buy a player at start of season, Striker, and name him the same, Pepp Crawford. We then compare during the season and see who wins overall. Nothing really to gain at the end other than bragging rights but its just a fun thing we're doing.

Anyhow, its whilst we were discussing this that one of the forum members added that the new player won't be kept next season as he tends to clean house each season.

That got me thinking, well.. I sort of do too, not completely and most players stay with me for 2 maybe 3 seasons, but thats the guns only, just over half my team is changed throughout the season...

So, with Tigerland II I've started filling the voids with the veteran players, only expecting to keep them for the one year, then sell them or let them retire - yesterday there was some very good quality veteran players out there.

Really the end goal is to score, win games and take the titles, that way I earn more $$'s and can compete with the bigger players in future seasons to get the big players.

I'm keen to see what everyones thoughts are, is it Youth Policy or Veterans. Could a Veteran only side win a League Cup against a team full of Youth?

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