Saturday, September 15, 2012

One of Adelaides Gems - The Coffee Barun

I would like to share with you what i refer to as one of Adelaides Gem businesses.

The Coffee Barun which is situated on Main North Road in Sefton Park is the business, for me its one of the greatest cafe's around. The owners, Mark & Kate Barun know everything there is to know about coffee and have taken their business from the humble beginnings of selling coffee beans at the Pooraka Flea Market, to establishing their first shop just metres where their current one stands today.

Ok, I am a little biased in my opinions as i have known them for some years now, their eldest daughter used to go to child care with my eldest boy and they were the best of friends for some time.

So, lets discuss business, why are they so good?

Simple, for one to sell coffee, one must understand everything there is to know about coffee, a true barista. This sums Mark up perfectly.

Ever since i've known the Baruns, i've known them as the guru's in coffee. Mark sources specialty coffee of the highest quality, nothing less. I have never seen someone so passionate about coffee before, for me its something that comes easy - coffee is made before my eyes and i make zero effort to get the coffee... for Mark, its not as easy and cut and dry as that.

He sources the best, roasts them himself and on my recent visit was doing some interesting work with what i'm sure looked like a bunsen burner and sciencey looking glasses...

My wife and I had the day off today so we decided to head there for breakfast, here is the Barun Breakfast which we order each time we go there. Eggs made how you like them (for me it has to be poached....) generous amount of bacon, stunning beef sausages from an award winning maker in Adelaide, tomato, hashbrown and a beautiful mushroom all served on sliced foccacia.

As usual the breakfast does the job, beautiful fresh produce all super tasty. To compliment, we also enjoy a large cappucino of Marks finest brew.

So, if your a coffee enthusiast or know absolutely nothing about coffee like me, then do yourself a favour and visit The Coffee Barun, located on 217-219 Main North Road, Sefton Park. They also have a website too you can visit:


  1. Guys if you do head to the baruns please share your thoughts - I really rate this place and hope you enjoy it if you decide to check it out!

  2. Hey, we also love this place. I am there maybe 3 times a month, you can't go past the bacon and egg roll for a cheap breakfast on the run! Coffee is great too, and a great selection of beans for at home also!

  3. Thats good to hear - love hearing people comment on the barun's as its a great little cafe that is booming, i'm hoping they open up a shop in the city...

  4. One of Adelaide's best roasters producing great coffee for 2013 and not 1980. I often buy my beans from them and of course I never leave without a coffee.