Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bo Gas's Gallery

Well time for a lighter blog this time around, i wanted to share some photos i took yesterday during my corporate cup run i competed in.

I live in a sleepy town called Adelaide, located in South Australia, very sleepy but certainly inspirational when it comes to photography!

During my morning participation in our local corporate cup event a fog which was mainly on the other side of the city quickly spread to the area we were running in providing some awesome opportunities for photos!

Anyhow heres the first one i took in the morning, i've included both the before shot and also the edited version, personally i love the edited:

Development on Adelaide Oval

Edited version

The next two i took on the walk back from corporate cup, must admit i was pretty tired at this stage and still panting after a hard run! Showing one with the filter and one with out, both still look good!

Adelaide Oval (including the tennis arena)

The next few I took on my path back to the city centre, firstly crossing the bridge then heading up King William Street.


This next lot are my favourites, i filtered these into black and white as i felt that brought the best out of the scenery....

Ok so that was some of my photos i've taken, just a small sample of what i've taken however these are some of my favourites which the lovely mother nature helped provide.

A simple morning where i went to go and run in a corporate cup run allowed me to capture an amazing fog engulfing the city and all from my trusty iphone!
I will add some more of my photos eventually however if you would like to see more jump on over to instagram and check me out on there!

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