Monday, February 18, 2013

Round 17 - ETPBC Div 5

Big game against Goodwood, not because of the fact previous years they had our number but for the fact every game from here is must win, especially if we want that finals glory...

Goodwood are a changed side compared to last few seasons, one person I spoke to months ago said they had lost alot of players from the club for various reasons - this looks to be what has depleted their Div 5 side, who in previous years has edged us out for the win most of the time.

Temperature wasn't ideal with a quite hot 36 degrees but the ground was looking in great condition.

Well, I can't hide from this... first ball of the game was thrown in by Cummo, from my side it looked straight, maybe a bit inside, the batter connected well with it and straight towards me..

I had an idea of where I thought it was going to go, which turned out to be the complete opposite to where it did go... Embarrisingly the ball went straight through my legs instead of hitting the lip of the 3rd base cut out like I thought it might and ricochet up towards my head...

I hate it when I start off with an error, really plays on my mind and unfortunately you feel completely isolated and hear everyones thoughts without them saying a word....

Cummo was put under pressure early but to his credit worked hard and got out of trouble, yes no runs were scored but my thoughts were in a dark place at that moment...

Bats started off early with Cummo and Gus all getting on base and gaining the early lead, a lead we were able to maintain from the first inning and keep adding to it until the final.

Cummo worked hard through 3 more innings and kept the no score in his pocket, DR took over for final couple and that was it for a pitching point of view - our pitchers threw hard and in the zone, our fielders (despite the first cough up..) did very well and held off any potential score threat that Goodwood threw at us.

For the batters, our team was impressive with the hits, still far from our best but we managed to make good use of our at bats, Cummo, Angus and young Laws hit quite well with Gussy being walked three times I believe.

We ended up running out convincing winners 16-0, defence was strong and offence was great.

Personally yes my 1st play was terrible but I think I bounced back well to minimise any further errors and also had a good hand in one of the slowest Double Plays ever recorded with Scoop..

Batting I'll say I was 50% happy, my first and last at bats were terrible, both hit off the handle of the bat and popped up to the infield. My 2nd and 3rd were good, first one was knocked into the gap between centre left and I pulled up with a double with 2 runs coming in. Beauty was also Goodwoods shortstop overthrew to home plate and I managed to advance to 3rd on the wild throw.

My 3rd at bat I liked but I know personally I swung late and got under it, I hit a deep fly ball to centre field but was straight down the throat of the centre fielder. I'm still relatively happy with the hit, it felt good just a tad late but also managed to score the runner from 3rd.

Overall 1 from 4 but with 3 RBI's thats a good day.

So, final game is this weekend for the regular season, we face Southern Districts @ Home. Southern are currently sitting 5th on the ladder only half a game behind us.

A Win puts us in the finals, the loss, well lets not even consider that.

Get down to the oval and cheer on your Red Sox to get into the finals!

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