Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Coffee Barun - 2nd Review

Hi All,

This is another mini review of The Coffee Barun so hope you enjoy - remember to try it out :)

Over the weekend I drove over a screw and was forced to change my first flat on my commodore, I've had it for approx a year but never had to do much to it. I changed it over and as everything was shut decided I'd take it to Bob Jane T-Mart on Monday morning.

As i've dropped the car off and found out the original tyres on the car were the wrong size... (another story for later...), they mentioned it will be a 45 minute wait so I decided to cross the road (no jokes here...) and head over to The Coffee Barun for a cappuccino and maybe some breakkie.

First thoughts were I really need to try their Raspberry & White Choc Muffin freshly made, these things are massive and extremely enticing, haven't had one yet but I can imagine it tastes as good as it looks...

Sadly it wasn't to be as my head focused on the blackboard above displaying "Egg & Bacon Roll" $7.50...

Hmm - very hard for me to knock back an invite such as that, plus, I had 30 more minutes to spare...

I whacked through the order for a large cap and egg and bacon roll and went to sit down to jump in to the free wifi... did I mention they have free Wi-Fi!

Within 2 minutes of sitting down my cappuccino was brought over and it looked a treat - as usual it tasted brilliant, they really do great coffee!

It wasn't much longer after my coffee had arrived that my roll was delivered also, beautiful roll with super tasty bacon, cheese and runny gooey egg!

Being time poor I didn't go for the usual Barun Breakfast, the roll was just perfect for the time I had available.

Knife and fork (pictured...) accompanied the dish but thats where they stayed... With both hands I formed a perfect grip and launched into taste sensation as I experienced their bacon & egg roll whilst breaking the egg and watching with glee as the egg yolk poured throughout and also onto the plate.

Wow - for something as simple as bacon, roll, egg, cheese and sauce, they really made it a treat! Using what was left of the roll I mopped up every last bit of egg yolk, finishing off with a couple of sips of coffee and I was done.

My belly was happy, taste buds were jumping for joy and I departed for the tyre shop feeling very happy and keen to get more to experience The Coffee Barun.

I stand by this comment that I believe The Coffee Barun is the Best coffee in Adelaide, it is roasted to perfection and the taste is second to none. The Breakfast & Lunch Menu has something for everyone and child friendly.

Theres a good little spot set up in the corner of the shop for the kiddies so do yourself a favour and head on down to The Coffee Barun this weekend - you won't be dissapointed.

The shop is located at 217-219 Main North Rd (cnr Third Ave), Sefton Park. They also have a website you can check out: or Facebook page:


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