Saturday, November 3, 2012


We are right into the start of Movember and its already gearing up to be a great one.

My Mo last year at a 60's party - I went as Chopper
Its now day 4 and growth is already there after the shave yesterday and in a week or earlier i'll shape the Mo.

Alot have asked if i'll go to a new style this year, that i'm not yet sure of. Historically I have had a massive mo that stretches from he top of my mouth down similar to a trucker style, however I let mine go all the way down my neck. Its the one that has won me three Man of Movember titles at my work so i'm not sure if i'm ready to part with that style...

Movember to me is an awesome month, i'm not usually one to have a Mo, goatee or beard throughout the year but its a chance just to look silly (no offence to full time wearers...) for a month whilst getting much needed $$'s for charity.

One of the favourite parts for me is playing baseball with my Mo, when the uniform is on it makes me look like a very old school baseballer from the 70's!

The other thing is too, this takes bugger all effort for us to make a real impact to charity:

  1. I join a Movember team (Team IOOF)
  2. I shave on Movember 1st - Groom a couple of times throughout month
  3. I send emails asking for donations and run Melbourne Cup Sweeps
My new razor for Movember
Really thats all I do each Movember, so if you're reading this blog and have once considered joining this great event then do - your input to helping the cause isn't much and you can take great pride in what your doing.

I've heard all types of excuses, the one that gets me is "It's too much work"... Not really, if you take out the Melbourne Cup part all you do is join, shave, groom and send emails for donations. Zero - little effort, "oh but I have to groom and shape it all month".... no more effort than you shaving normally throughout the month...

Each year I have my list of sponsors who send donations my way and I manage to get the $1k target I set each year - if not close too it.

Me & My lovely wife at the 60's party - Chopper!

To help the target being reached I also run Melbourne Cup Sweeps at my work, I'm lucky cos we have around 150 staff at my office. So I run $2 & $5 sweeps with the prize money being split 50/50, so for a $2 sweep Movember gets $24 a for a $5 sweep it receives $60. We usually end up organising around 7 sweeps which is a great result.

So, day 2 and I'm up to $110 - so if you're reading this blog and donating to Movember is something you've thought of doing, then head to: and donate.

Remember - no matter the amount, high or low, every donation counts!

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