Sunday, November 11, 2012

Is it Time?

Loyalty is a commodity that was once a strong skill and valued by employers.

This along with strong work ethic and the ability to make clients smile even when they've had the worst day should be something that with loyalty, that person should be made to feel like theres a reason why they are valued.

Well, this article for me is part of my thought process, why is the above important yet no longer valued by employers.

I have a friend that i've known for 12+ years who has been at the company for majority of that time too, started as a newby and worked their way up to become a leader within the group. Has in that time also taken on additional duties to actively learn more.

At times this person has also been known as one of the best in the organisation, not just in periods, but for the whole time.

So in all this why would they not be the most valued rather than just a person that is employed there?

Questions are running through my head at the moment:

* Should this friend remain loyal?
* Should they take their experience elsewhere and start a fresh?
* Should they go out on their own or form a partnership and start their own business?
* Should they instead change profession? ie: baker to admin or to bartending?

Answering all three its very hard to say, 12+ years at one company is a massive achievement, but throw the fact that the major skills as well and your talking about a very required person.

I'm leaning towards the last two as possibilities when I next speak with them. Starting fresh with a full backup of what they have done, and i'm sure also this person will speak brilliantly to back up and further explain why their the best.

I say let the new place realise what a great catch they've received and can now utilise to now compliment their centre. Or go out, find a business partner and start completely fresh. I'm confident they would be able to run their own business and do quite well. But thats another issue.

So what do you all think, I'm not lying when I say this is one of the best workers for their chosen field, so what would you say? Stay Loyal? Go to a new business or start your own?

Really interested in your thoughts so please comment.

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