Thursday, August 9, 2012

What makes me tick...

Not sure if you've noticed, i started my previous blogs with Ok... whoops..

Anyhow, as i said, i'm 33, married to my darling wife of 3 years and have two wonderful children aged 8 & 5.

My oldest is in year 3 and doing really well, part of the gifted program at his school. Loves his sports and currently plays Football, Soccer, Baseball and Swimming.

My youngest has just started her first term of school and is loving the transition from kindergarten, not apart of the gifted program yet but pretty sure she will follow in her brothers footsteps. She's currently just getting into her sport and is doing Calisthenics and Swimming but wants to join us at baseball soon too.

Me I coach my boys Under 9's footy team and Little League Minors Baseball team, i play also.

My wife so far has managed to put up with my footy obsession, god help her if we ever win a flag! She drowns out the weekly football drama's with her love of reading, god knows how she reads with us loud children in the house...

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