Thursday, August 9, 2012

Richmond FC Report card

Ok here is my report card and comments for each player, going to focus mainly on those i've seen in the seniors this year as i don't see the games for Coburg:

Will rate A - F

Trent Cotchin: A+, Brownlow Medalist in the making, hard to fault his game and i often show my under 9's his game for someone they can watch and mirror

Dylan Grimes: B-, Great first year but hit by alot of injuries during last half of the year, would have been an B+.. Raw talent and will be a great Tiger defender to watch as he develops.

Brett Deledio: A-, Brett's a funny one for me, I often don't notice him in the games unless its a forward 50 entry, does play very well off half back but can sometimes become too quiet when game gets close

Dustin Martin: C+, Dusty should have earned a A- or higher this year, let off field issues control his season and prob friendship with a recent axed player has led him to not be as prominent this season. If he gets his shite together and works hard he will be one of the true guns and legends of this club.

Shaun Grigg: B, Prominent very early on yet still manages around 30 touches a game regardless of who we're playing. Great acquisition from Carlton and I love being apart of Team Towball!

Matt Dea: C+, Still young and learning, has had some game time this year and probably harshly used as one of the scapegoats for the Carlton loss.

Jack Riewoldt: B-, Hasn't had the impact of 2010 but is still coming 2nd in the goal kicking ladder, if he had kicked straighter this year he would be leading. Handy to have $10 on as 1st goal kicker for games, he did it over 8 times this year (not financial advice...)

Shane Edwards: C-, Had patches of greatness earlier in the year but since been very quiet, as a small forward needs to have more impact if he's to remain a full time Tiger.

Jake Batchelor: C+, Has the potential to be a great backman, can be sloppy with disposal and staying on his player however still very young and developing.

David Astbury: D-, limited gametime this year but will be one to watch as he develops also

Brad Miller: F+, Dissapointing year by Brad, unfortunately hasn't given that marking option or pressence we need and has been dropped a few times.

Bachar Houli: B, Hasn't had the impact of last year however still a gun, can hurt himself with disposal however would have him in my side anyday!

Luke McGuane: C-, Has made the most of his chances due to other players being injured, has taken on a new assignment as a forward option and has done quite well. Not sure if its enough to retain on the list though.

Chris Newman: C+, Another player not having impact as previous years, might just be me but he is slowing down a bit, might be time to let him move to the forward line...

Alex Rance: A, I've always been a huge fan of Rance, even when others were saying he's rubbish.. He's proven everyone wrong and is our key defender. Needs to sometimes focus more on the ball rather than body on body as has given alot of free kicks away this year being caught out.

Ivan Maric: A+, The Mullet Man, legend in the making, love watching him play. Has taken his move to Richmond with great gusto and cemented his position as number 1 ruckman in Richmond if not one of the best in the AFL.

Shane Tuck: A, One of the most hard done by players at the club, has had to work harder than any other player at this club, yet still one of the best ball getters and hard ball gets. Only issue for me can be disposal but he has worked hard on this over the last few years.

Daniel Jackson: C, If Jacko took out the undiscipline part of his game he could be one of our best players, but every year gets rubbed out for games for silly hits on opposition players. Needs to focus on Richmond as a Team and not be an individual, wonder if also if he has issues following Dimma's gameplan and was one of those Dimma meant when issuing a sturn warning after the Carlton loss?

Ben Griffiths: D, Little gametime but wow has the potential to be a gun CHB or a CHF, personally i think CHF. Massive kick on him and should be one to watch next few years.

Angus Graham: F-, Sadly the footballer i got drunk with up at Hamilton island whilst on my honeymoon is no longer up to scratch for a gig as a Tiger ruckman. He is a tap ruckman only and super predictable, taps to the opposition all the time when he actually wins a tap. Too slow and sadly will be one of those delisted at end of the year i feel.

Robin Nahas: D, Wow potential is there but if Jack and Kingy aren't firing he goes quiet. He can be very lazy at times and not put the pressure on that is required when the opposition take the ball out. Can miss easy shots on goal too...

Jake King: C+, Sadly has missed games due to injury and we have missed his presence, gun, just a gun, puts the pressure on when needed even though he doesn't score alot of goals. Great compliment to have next to Jack.

Tyrone Vickery: D-, Should have been breakout year after last years efforts but often went missing in Forward Line and now injured so won't see til next year. Ty needs to work harder next year as his days will be numbered if he continues to be a passenger like most of this year.

Reece Conca: B-, Quiet achiever, not as prolific in getting the ball as Cotchy or Tucky but has still played well this year, hey kid is still young and developing so I think this has been his best year and more to come i reckon.

Bradley Helbig: D-, Limited opportunities at this stage but has done ok when chance was given.

Andrew Browne: F, Hmm I'm one of those Browne baggers, don't think he has the goods for a ruck spot in Tigerland, to me, he models himself on Angus when he should be on Maric. Alot have big raps for him and he is still young so when Gus is moved on at season end, lets hope the Mullet Man rubs off on him and i eat my words.

Matthew White: D+, Whitey has had limited chances but sadly I still don't think he has the goods to compete with players like Dusty, Cotch, Tucky or even Nahas and Jacko. Has a tendancy to give silly free kicks away in dying stages of the game and disposal aint the best. Could be a good player but needs to work harder and take advantage of gametime in seniors to cement his place.

Dean McDonald: F-, Looked like a good pick up, from what i understand has had alot of personal issues so haven't seen him at all.

Jayden Post: D, Hmm, Posty for me is a tough one, Hey I think he could be that CHF we so badly need, but Post doesn't work hard enough in that spot to be the one we look at. Jack is still the focal point and will be until a proper CHF comes out and demands the ball harder... Potential there but its up to Post.

Steven Morris: A, Wow he is awesome, puts body on the line all the time for this club, can't find a backman who works harder in my mind. Should be rewarded with a 2 or 3 year contract extension!

Tom Derickx: F+, Young still learning, limited gametime, needs to make more of opportunities.

Kelvin Moore: D-, Great to see him back after so long out injured, but still a long way to go to be back to where he was years ago. Needs to also form to "New" gameplan and don't get back into bad habits like that of the Terry Wallace era...

Nathan Foley: C+, Sadly hit by injuries again this year, could be the new Mark Coughlan of Richmand sadly... Axle is a gun, just need to get his body fit...

Brandon Ellis: A-, I'm giving him big raps, he is a gun in the making and only first year? Love watching him play and still only young and alot to learn but wow, he is going to be a gun!

Todd Elton: F, Haven't seen much of him this year, the one game i did see he had a couple of touches but no real impact. Check again in a few years and may be a whole different player...

Matthew Arnot: F-, Yet to debut so no real comments on him, big raps from alot of supporters for him though!

Brett O'Hanlon: F+, I'm not a big fan of Brett, reminds me of a player i can't quite put the name too, sure we got him from Carlton or something, but alot and alot to learn...

Jeromey Webberley: F-, Hmm must stay nice, Just can't see this kid progressing next year on our list, if he does the club must see more in him than anyone else does. Had his chances and blew it in games against bottom side Gold Coast..

Addam Maric: F+, Had a few good games this year but hasn't had the impact we thought would come after his first NAB cup game where his speed was awesome. Has been handy off the bench as the Sub however more impact required in the limited gametime he's had..

Richmond Football Club: C+, Club had its reasons for selling games, lets hope it works in the long run, but again we are sitting just outside the 8 and a sold game lost lingering over our heads. Ok one game doesn't set the season, but with the first half we had and the awesome draw we had in the last half we should have been sitting 13 wins by now. Player indiscretions have cost us too.

For a team thats lost something like 6-8 games by less than 2 goals not sure for a bottom 8 team what else we could ask for, but, the real test is where this club goes next year and whether we turn these 6-8, 2 goal losses into wins. Potential is there and the Tiger is Stirring, but, it all comes down to the Management, Players, Coaching Staff and Supporters. We all need to work as one and work hard, play hard and cheer hard.

Man i can't wait for that elusive Grand Final appearance but i know it may still be a while away.

So there it is, some controversy i'm sure, not expecting all to agree but these are my thoughts.

My list for not returning next year:

Luke McGuane
Angus Graham
Jeromey Webbereley
Brad Miller (Retirement)
Matthew White
Dean MacDonald
Addam Maric

Possible players traded could be:

Daniel Jackson
Matthew White
Andrew Browne
Jayden Post
Luke McGuane

Ok - Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Since i wrote the above back in early August I would make a couple of changes:

    Jack Riewoldt, would put him up to a A-, you can't win a coleman and be rated a B-.. still think his year didn't have as much impact but he still played very well.

    Luke McGuane, has done enough to earn another years contract, has proved handy up forward in new role - give him a year to see what else he can do.