Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Prelim Final - ETPBC Div 5

Hi All,

I astounded myself early on Prelim Final gameday, I could still pick up the bat and swing hard... The grip I used with the "almost" dinger I tried again and perfectly it swung with no pain in my thumb... hmmm...

But realistically I won't be moving from the bench position... Unless it was the Grand Final and we needed some bat to be subbed in I won't be used at all, I can't even put my mitt on so really only a DH role would work or come in last inning for a hit...

So lets look at the game, sobering mood for me pre-game, still had nerves but different ones... not playing so it was like I was watching my beloved Richmond Tigers or Seattle Mariners, just hoping they'll win.

Our Divvy 5 team travelled down to West Torrens on an extremely hot, dry, humid 36 degree day. Felt more like 40 in that sun, no wind and just that yucky sticky heat.

Team looked good though, Cummo was a welcome addition after battling Glandular Fever and our boys were in high spirits that we could take this game.

Once we hit the field though the team wasn't as full of confidence, almost looked a shade nervous. Didn't use the bat well in first couple of innings and little things weren't going our way...

You could also notice it in the field, Robbo was working hard on the mound but bugger all chat around him...

Gussy made the stop of the day with a beautiful diving save at first, just narrowly missed getting the runner out but showed great courage diving to his right to snare the ball.

Sadly I had to leave early as was due for a family get together in Goolwa, this is a special occasion that we can't miss.

Years ago we pledged that we would make sure we attempt to participate in the annual Mervy every year to honor our nephew Jackson.

Jackson sadly passed away at birth a few years ago.

As I married into a golfing mad family, each year we get together and play a stroke comp for the Mervy Trophy, previously, under the old Calloway system, the winners each year were generally the ones which played regularly.

This year the rules had changed slightly and handicaps formed based on previous cards, this gave all players a much better chance of winning.

Myself, I finished last in the 2nd comp and since then (5 played overall) i've placed about middle of the pack.

With a broken thumb, I didn't think i'd actually be able to participate this year but pledged I would come out to support and try a swing to see how we go, I tee'd off first to officially start the mervy. Not sure who was more suprised, my golfing family or myself as I launched my drive straight and long up the middle of the fairway. I altered my grip so that the thumb was not touching the club and was free of my right hand so no connection or bumps would occur...

Really shocked, not for a minute did I think I could swing a club... I said I'd play 9 and see how we go.

I ended up playing all 18, had an awesome first 9 of 48 but dropped off a bit on the back 9 with 56. But still hit very well for someone with a broken thumb and I even beat the score from last year...

We all finished up and headed back to my brother in laws for a bbq tea, shortly after dinner the scores were announced, My golf mad father in law who plays the most out of everyone came dead last... woohoo! Slowly each name was read out - no Tony as yet...

Three names remained, two players who never really play (myself included) and one who plays regularly...

And there it was, I was named runner up tied for second and the winner, Bec has never won before either and is Jacksons mum. A fitting end to a great day, two unknowns in top 2 and Bec takes the cup for her son.

Overall a great weekend.

Now back to the game (sorry I tend to get sidetracked).

I was relying on my mate Jarrad to supply the scores, I said before I left, I wanted a play by play, pitch by pitch summary... no luck.

As we reached Goolwa the fateful message came in, East Torrens Div 5 team had lost in the final inning by 1 run.

When I left, we were 5-2 down and didn't look like over running them at this stage, it was there but not just yet..

Jarrad later revealed that we staged a massive comeback holding them to the one run over next 3 innings as we took the lead in the top of the seventh inning, leading 7-6 we looked like a history making win.

Sadly West Torrens levelled the score and then a dodgy shot dropped in for them to bring home the win.

Credit to them they were a good side, I still think we're better but, they're in the GF.

Season over and now West Torrens take on Glenelg in the Grand Final, personally, I hope West Torrens wins it over Glenelg. After our last "heated" game down at Glenelg where sportsmanship and gentleman's code was not even in their vocabulary.

Well thats my Baseball reviews over for the season, I'm off to rest this thumb over the next 6 weeks and look forward to an even bigger and better 2013-2014 Season.

Go RedSox!!!!!

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